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Current Series: "Doors"

Saturdays & Sundays, September 9th - October 1st, 2017 (4 weeks)

There are moments in our lives where there are decisions to be made, paths to be chosen, doors to be opened, walked through, or closed. In this series, DOORS, we will explore what it means to make decisions while pursuing the will of God. We all face tough decisions. Which job should I take? Should we consider adoption? Do we break up or get married? In these situations we often don't know the best answer—which door do we walk through? While we may not always have the answers, we can learn what it takes to make wise decisions and approach the unknown without fear. There are doors of opportunity, doors of decision, doors of transition, and doors of closure; there is an art to dealing well with the doors of life- and this series will help you see a Biblical perspective for each one.


Every Saturday and Sunday around service times. Starting Saturday September 16th.

Looking to connect further with the vibrant community at Centerpoint?

Hear about the heart of this House, before you put your hands to work!

You will learn about the history of the church, and find the perfect CP Team!

Register by clicking HERE.

Marriage: "Living Victoriously" Couples Study

Sundays, September 10th - October 15th from 2-4pm (6weeks)

Living Victoriously is a 6 week biblical study on how to have victory in the daily battles and struggles of life. In the midst of life's challenges, this is only possible with the resources that the Lord has provided to us as believers in the empowering of the Holy Spirit.

Whether your marriage is great, struggling or there seems no hope, God provides great hope and instruction for us in His Word about living victoriously even when life is difficult.

This study includes discipleship as well as being a prerequisite for going through the marriage mentoring (counseling) program.

Cost: $40/couple

Register online Here.

Freedom Prayer Class

Mondays, 6:30-9pm. September 11th - November 6th (9 weeks)

Freedom Prayer class is an equipping class that teaches us how to have deeper intimacy with God and how to experience his freedom and healing! Even as Christians, we can still experience mild to severe distortions about God, ourselves and others because of past or current abuse, trauma and sin in our lives. Through this class, we will learn how to bring God’s perspective and freedom into our lives to break bondages and strongholds. As you learn these concepts and tools, you will walk with healing and the freedom that God wants us to enjoy in our lives!

The first part of the evening is built around teaching and then we break into small groups for the latter part of the evening. The cost of this class is $25 which includes materials. We meet in the CP Youth Middle School Room.

Childcare is Childcare is provided for children ages 3 through 10

Register Here.

For any questions, please contact Ann Hansen at

Momspace - Fall 2017

Tuesdays, starting September 12th from 9:30-11:15am

The main purpose of Momspace is to provide a fun and welcoming place where mom's of kids 5th grade and under can come together, connect, and be encouraged by one another. Momspace is open to any and all moms, not just our CP moms. Each meeting we will strive to make every mom comfortable! We will provide a yummy brunch, have fun crafts, professional speakers, and group time discussion.

Fall Dates: September 12th, September 26th, October 10th, October 24th, November 7th & December 12th

We welcome moms with children ages newborn to 5th grade.

Childcare is provided up to 5th grade.

Registration is $80 which includes craft materials, brunch, and childcare.

Register Online Here.

Men's: "Seven Pillars of Freedom" Study

Tuesdays, September 12th, 2017 - July 10th, 2018

God’s plan is that all men embrace lives of integrity; financial integrity, character integrity, spiritual integrity and sexual integrity….YES, sexual integrity. This bible study is an eight to eleven month biblically driven support group designed to help men who are struggling with their sexual integrity. The study material is written by Dr. Ted Roberts from Pure Desire Ministry. For over 30 year’s he’s been helping Christian men and leaders to find FREEDOM from sexual sin and sexual compromise through this empowering study material.

It starts Tuesday, September 12th at 6:30pm in our CP Kids Elementary Room.

The cost is $50 per person.

Register Here.

Men's: Book of "James" Bible Study

Tuesdays, September 12th - December 5th, 2017 (12 weeks)

By faith we are reborn into the family of God. But God wants more than justified infants: He wants mature sons. The 12 sessions of this Bible study examine James’s exhortation to Christians of every age to keep growing up spiritually.

This study begins Tuesday, September 12th at 6:30pm in our CP Kids building.

The cost is $10.

Register Here.

God's Women of Worth

Wednesday, October 11th. Generally Meets Monthly on the 2nd Wednesday for a Meal

(previously known as God’s Golden Girls)

For women 40 and over to join in community with with Godly women for fun, food and friendship. We meet every 5 weeks in a home or at a restaurant for a fabulous time filled with love and encouragement.

Our next lunch will be on Wednesday, October 11th.


24530 Village Walk Pl

Murrieta, CA

RSVP Here.

Contact Ann Gilroy Here for more information.

GriefShare Support Group - Fall 2017

6:30pm Wednesdays, September 13th, 2017 - December 13th (No class November 22nd)

God will take your shattered life and turn it into a beautiful mosaic.

It may be hard for you to feel optimistic about the future right now. If you've lost a spouse, child, family member, or friend, you've probably found there are not many people who understand the deep hurt you feel.

"Going to GriefShare feels like having warm arms wrapped around you when you’re shivering."

Centerpoint Church’s grief support group utilizes the GriefShare program. Each week we share discussion about the challenges of the previous week for each of us. We watch a DVD presented by professionals and others who have undergone great losses; we then discuss the DVD and how it affects us, or what we have learned from it. The 13-week program is designed to help grieving people come closer to Jesus Christ and healing as they lean

into the pain of their loss.

Classes will be held in the CPKids Volunteer Central.

Cost is $20.00 for the workbook

Register Online Here.

CPKIDs on a Mission

Thursdays, 6:30-8pm starting September 14th. (2 semesters)

CPKIDS On a Mission takes a statement and makes it practical, through discipleship and outreach opportunities. CPKIDS On a Mission is a program intentionally designed for 4/5th graders to dive deeper into the love of God through a mid-week discipleship program.

Paired with opportunities to encounter the Lord, study His ways, and become familiar with His voice, the discipleship aspect of the program flows into our missional focus to love and lead others into a life changing connection with Christ. CPKIDS On a Mission will put into practice what they have been taught about the kingdom of God and His nature, by serving their community, our local church, and world missions through hands-on outreach opportunities.

CPKIDS On a Mission is a free two-semester commitment that runs from 6:30-8:00 September 14 through May with breaks for the holidays. (Book Purchase is required)

You can purchase your book online Here.

For more information, contact Christina Andriese here.

HOPE Convalescent Ministry

Saturday, September 16th and Monthly on the Third Saturday

Join us in spreading hope and love to the widows and forgotten residents at the Life Care Center in Menifee. We meet in the parking lot at the LifeCare Center on Encanto Road from 9:50am - 11am on the third Saturday of each month.

Join our team here.

EMBRACE Foster Support Group and Training

4th Monday of the Month from 6-8pm and 2nd & 3rd Saturdays of the Month from 9am-4pm

(In July, we will meet the 2nd & 3rd Saturdays)

Centerpoint is collaborating with the Department of Social Services to offer “On Site Foster Parent/Adoption Training" , as well as many other support-based programs because we believe kids belong in families, other than group homes or institutions. Supporting a child’s physical and emotional needs is great, but we want to take the next step and participate in solutions which allow children to grow in permanent, safe, legal and loving families. The mission of "Embrace" is to recruit, train and support potential foster and adoptive families. One opportunity is to become a foster/adopt family, but there are also other ways to serve, such as organizing donations, meeting with families, providing support, facilitating CPR training and even adopting a social worker.

RSVP here.

Singles' Fire Pit Fellowship

Saturday, September 16th and the Third Saturday of every month at 7:30pm

If you're an adult single come join us for food, fellowship and fun at our fire pit behind Kidsworld on the 3rd Saturday evening of every month. Bring a blanket and / or lawn chair if you'd like.

For further information or to RSVP, email our Singles' Ministry Leader here.

Healthy & Free

Wednesdays, September 20th - November 8th from 6:30-8pm

The Great Physician desires you to walk in Heaven’s health. Get aligned with God’s divine design today and experience Freedom -- body, soul and spirit!

Beni Johnson received a life-changing revelation about how anyone can start walking in holistic health—including you! Jesus died for your body, soul and spirit. This means you can experience His resurrection life in all three areas!

Christians should be the healthiest people on Earth because they understand God has made their bodies His temple. Unfortunately, many people focus on one area of health while neglecting another. This can lead to spiritual disconnection, bad eating habits, depression, poor rest, and lack of exercise.

In Healthy and Free, you will be given the guidance and opportunity to:

Find your ‘why’: Learn the motivating secret to pursuing a healthy lifestyle as your new normal.

Unlock the connection: Discover the many ways your body, soul and spirit are interconnected and how health in one areas directly affects another.

Start simple: Receive practical and easy-to-implement steps to begin walking in health right now.

Join us for this eight-week course:

Register Here.

Please purchase the "Healthy & Free" required study guide here and the optional book here on

Classes will be held in the CP Kids Preschool Room.

Prophetic Ministry Basic Training

Wednesdays, 6:30-8pm, September 27th - November 15th (8 weeks)

Interested in learning more about the prophetic? Join our 8-week basic prophetic ministry training. This class will give you the practical tools you need to recognize God’s voice and grow in confidence as you operate in the gift of prophecy.

Ages 15 and above are welcome. This class is free, but you must purchase your own book and space is limited.

You can get your book online here.

Class registration closes on Wednesday, September 27th.

Childcare is not provided.

Register Here.

*Note: This class is a requirement to join the Encouragement Team.

Women's "Undaunted" Bible Study

Thursdays, October 5th - November 16th (mornings & evenings available)

We will be doing "Undaunted" by Christine Caine. We will learn from Christine how to overcome the trials, wrong turns, and very often painful circumstances we all experience in life, but also how to grow from those experiences, and be equipped and empowered to help others.

It's going to be an amazing time of growing in God together and encountering life-changing experiences.

We hope to see all your beautiful faces there!!

Cost: $30

Partial Scholarships are available. Please contact the Women's Team -


Birth - 5th grade. Homeschool children are welcome!!

Register Here.

Love After Marriage (L.A.M.) Workshop

October 4th-7th, Wednesday Evening - Saturday Evening

Love After Marriage (LAM) has helped thousands of couples learn how to restore, maintain, and deepen the connection in their marriage relationship.

By going through LAM, you will:

1. Learn how to develop deeper intimacy by inviting God to play an active role in your relationship.

2. Practice implementing simple and practical tools that will help you build and protect your connection. With the right tool set, even the most stressful and difficult of problems becomes an opportunity to become even closer with your spouse.

3. Gain insight and wisdom on how to further connect on an emotional, sexual and spiritual level.

Wednesday: 6:00 - 9:00pm

Thursday: 8:00am - 9:00pm

Friday: 8:00am - 9:00pm.

Saturday: 8:00 am -9:00pm

Rate of $350 applies per couple.

(Includes registration fee, workbooks, lunch and refreshments. Lodging and evening meals not included.)

*** Please start your registration by clicking this link for a pre-workshop survey.*** You will be redirected to the registration form after the survey.

Small Groups for College and Young Adults

Mondays at 6pm (at Centerpoint) Wednesdays at 6:30pm (off campus)

If you're 18-24, we have a great opportunity for you to get connected with others your age.

  • Mondays at 6pm here at Centerpoint Church
  • Wednesdays at 6:30pm at a home in Murrieta
  • Get more information here.

    Tutoring Opportunities/Meets criteria for community service hours

    Tuesdays and Thursdays: Check below for details.

    Murrieta Elementary

    Thursdays starting Sept 14th - May 24th, 3:00-3:40pm, across the street from the Murrieta Library.


    Tuesdays starting Sept 5th - May 2nd, 4-5:30pm, 16520 Running Deer Road, Lake Elsinore CA 92530.

    For more information about tutoring, contact Renee Punzel here.

    Celebrate Recovery

    Friday nights from 7-10pm (except 1st Friday meeting at 6pm for dinner)

    Our Celebrate Recovery ministry meets every Friday evening from 7-10pm, except for the first Friday of the month when we meet at 6pm for dinner. If you have hurts, habits, or hang-ups, come experience freedom through Christ! Please visit our CR website for more details. Childcare is NOT provided.

    Startingpoint - Recovery for Teens

    On Summer Break. Generally Meets Every Thursday at 6:30pm

    Startingpoint is for teenagers (7th-12th grade) who are struggling to live their lives in a healthy, God-honoring way based on the 12-Steps of Recovery. It breaks the cycles of dysfunction, giving our students the tools to face life’s hurts, hang-ups & habits free of shame, guilt, anger, depression and anxiety.

    Register Your Interest Here and Request Info

    Child Dedications (Murrieta and FV Campus)

    October - During Each Service (stay tuned for registration updates)

    Are you interested in dedicating your child to the Lord here at Centerpoint? This is your opportunity to commit to the Lord that you will responsibly care for that which He has entrusted to you - giving your child love, instruction and discipline. Most importantly, you are committing to give him/her a clear example of what it means to love Jesus with all of your hearts.

    We will be holding our next Child Dedication Services at the end of October. We will open registration in mid September.

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    Men's Breakfast

    Every other month on the 1st Saturday

    October's Breakfast details TBD. Check back in September for details and to register.

    As always, we will have FREE breakfast, a raffle and unforgettable fellowship. Grab a brother in Christ, a neighbor and your teenage son and come on out!!!

    Singles' Game Night

    Every Few months after 6pm service. (Approx 7:30pm)

    SINGLES' GAME NIGHT at Centerpoint Church, Murrieta. Join us after our 6pm service for a fun game night. Tickets are $5 and you can pay at the door. If you have any other single friends who might want to join us, or a single neighbor down the street, why not bring them too?

    We will add our next dates sometime soon.

    ROOTED Fall Term: Payment Form

    This group is closed, check again in December.

    Click here to make payment for current class, if you are already enrolled.

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